Walk Around the World Challenge

Are You Ready To See The World?

Take your organization on an adventure around the world! Get ready to get moving and sign up today for US Wellness' virtual Walk Around the World challenge! Be inspired by the splendor of London, explore the sights and sounds of the African savannah, take a walk on the Great Wall of China and so much more. Each step takes you closer to your next destination, with a new city to explore each week.

Who Can Participate?

This challenge is designed to support existing wellness program activities or to show what wellness can do for your organization. Our Walk Around the World challenge offers employees a fun, inspiring and easy way to get active, build community, and develop a healthy habit!

How Does It Work?

Each member receives an invitation to join our online wellness challenge portal. In just a few clicks, members can register their account, sign up for the challenge, and either sync their wearable device or manually log their steps. It's that easy! Participants also receive regular reminders to support them on their journey. Each week, members receive additional information about each location, including history, travel tips, and recipes. All walkers within your organization who complete the challenge are eligible for a raffle drawing valued at $250! Participation in the wellness challenge can also be tied to other wellness program incentives. US Wellness will provide a participation report upon completion of the challenge.

When Does The Challenge Start?

You can sign up on behalf of your organization anytime through August 15th by completing the registration form here. Our three-week challenge officially starts on September 10th and will continue through October 15th.

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete the registration form here to start the process. A US Wellness account manager will be in touch with you to confirm your order and get your population enrolled in the challenge. All we need to get started is a roster of eligible participants and we’ll take care of all the setup, communications, content, challenge administration, support and reporting.

What’s Included?

By registering for this challenge you’ll receive:

  • Targeted digital member communications administered by US Wellness
  • Marketing toolkit – Poster, email and flyer templates
  • Unlimited access to wellness portal where members can track progress and explore other wellness tools and information
  • Wearable device and activity app sync
  • Mobile companion app for tracking steps on the go
  • Challenge participation and completion report
  • Satisfaction survey results from your participants

What Our Members Say:

  • The best part of this challenge was being able to sync my fitbit. I probably would have never tracked my steps otherwise (or tracked them accurately). That was awesome!
  • I became more aware of how active I am on an average day. Even though I am at the gym 3-4 times per week, I definitely was nowhere close to walking over 4 miles per day.
  • Challenged me to get out of my cube during the day and then take a walk with my wife and dog after work.
  • It was fun to learn about areas around the world! The recipes were a nice way to experience the destination.
  • It was very motivating to see the number of steps I logged.
  • I slept better at night from the walking and hope to keep up this walking pace now that the challenge has ended.
  • It motivated me to get up in the morning and walk. Now I feel a lot better and plan to continue to walk.
  • Having the goal of 10,000 per day helped me stay focused on getting or exceeding those steps. Prior to the challenge I was satisfied with just being close.
  • It was really simple to follow the challenge and know exactly what I had to do to meet the goals.

Walk Around The World Pricing:

$2,850 per organization

  • Unlimited number of participants!
  • Pricing includes mobile device integration!

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You are one of the key drivers in a total lifestyle change of my wife and myself. Together we lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years. You help keep us accountable.

Written By Employee at Microsoft

Since switching to US Wellness from another vendor we have realized a 108% increase in wellness portal utilization in just six months and our total costs decreased by 40%!

Written By unknown

I LOVE US Wellness. The wellness portal has so many resources and I love how automated everything is.

Written By unknown2

Our onsite screening event could not have gone any better. The staff was wonderful and the event flowed smoothly and no one had to wait. The US Wellness lead was very thorough in her communications and expectations of her staff.

Written By unknown3

I’m so impressed with this team from start to finish! We appreciate the responsiveness and collaboration. You all do such a great job!

Written By unknown4

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for another successful implementation. It seems like we launched this program just the other day and here we are all wrapped up. I also want to express my satisfaction with the physician form process that you managed this year. The process was very smooth.

Written By unknown5

I love working for US Wellness as a health screener. You always provide me with the information I need to do my job well at the screening events. Thank you for helping me do a great job!

Written By unknown7

We’ve had such positive feedback on the US Wellness team. They are always on time, very professional, and very efficient. We are very pleased with the quality of service!

Written By unknown8

The biometric screening events are going really well and your team as always is on top of it. Thanks for being such a great partner!

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We could not have asked for a better team than the one led by US Wellness this last week during our screenings.  They showed up early, were efficient, and all had very positive and helpful attitudes.  They were a great team and provided the City employees with first class service.  I am positive they had an impact on several employees who will hopefully use this screening as a motivator for better health … I know it will be a motivator for me!  They represented US Wellness as a top notch, customer focused group and we could not have been more pleased with their work.


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On behalf of Syniverse, I would like to thank you and your team for a successful biometrics screening event. Most importantly, we appreciate the exceptional service your screening team gave our employees. We look forward to another successful event next year!

Written By Warren

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to work for US Wellness.  I have to tell you that after many years of working with several different wellness companies, your company US Wellness is by far one of the best. I was so impressed with how organized you all are and how pleasant everyone was to work with. When the equipment arrived...everything was included...and when I had a problem with one shipment d/t UPS problem, you took care of it right away. Leesa was lovely to speak with before and after the event too...as was David..so thanks again.

Written By US Wellness Provider

I am learning a lot from the US Wellness Health Improvement Program videos available on the wellness portal. I went grocery shopping earlier this week on a full stomach. That is a much better way to go, you tend to only get what you need, save money and I don't compulsive buy on what I am craving. Thanks for your help!

Written By Shannon W.

Thank you so much for always being so proactive and helpful. It make such a huge difference in our ability to run a successful wellness program! 

Written By HR Representative