Biometric Screening

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Are your healthcare costs rising due to preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease?  Our biometric health screening services identify those risks.  They are a core componenet of our corporate wellness programs.  We provide data to employers that:

  • Measures the health of your employees
  • Tracks improvement over time
  • Is a catalyst for behavior change

Biometric health screenings help identify risk factors that signal presence of existing disease or risk for developing disease.

Screening Services We Offer

  • Cholesterol - Total, HDL, LDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist Circumference
  • Height/Weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Fat
  • A1c 
  • TSH
  • COVID-19 PCR
  • COVID-19 Antigen
  • COVID-19 Antibody
  • PSA
  • Cotinine
  • Vitamin D
  • Cancer Screening
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COVID-19 and Biometric Screenings

For many employers, social distancing and work from home recommendations have forced companies to rethink how to offer biometric screenings. 

Our model for administering screenings is designed to be flexible to your changing workforce.  You choose from the following options and we’ll build your biometric screening program to match.

  • Onsite biometric screenings – US Wellness health care professionals administer screenings at your worksite/s anywhere in the U.S.
  • Lab voucher program – Employees complete screenings at a LabCorp location.
  • Physician form management – Employee physicians complete a biometric screening form that is submitted to US Wellness.
  • Home test kits – We mail home test kits to employee’s homes when requested.  Employees collect and mail their specimen to the lab.  

No subcontractors.
One national biometric screening provider.

You don’t have to worry about coordinating with several vendors or risk working with subcontractors. We staff all your onsite events, securely manage your physician screening program, mail and process home test kits, and setup/maintain your lab voucher program for you. 


Contact us at 888-926-6099 or to request more information.


Our wellness program implementation has been such a great experience. Your team is phenomenal. I have already recommended you to a colleague.

HR Director

Wellness day 2020 was a success! A 50% increase in participants was attained and I must say a greater awareness of heath prevention strategies was learned by all. Thank you for bringing this awesome program to our district. The nurse was knowledgeable, informative, and was welcomed by all. We look forward to this program next year!


We are very pleased with our wellness portal adoption rates for our first year!  Wonderful work US Wellness!

HR Director

Thank you so much for always being so proactive and helpful. It makes such a huge difference in our ability to run a successful wellness program!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you perform fingerstick or venipuncture screenings?

For onsite health screenings, we conduct basic blood testing using a finger stick or venous blood draw (venipucture). Finger stick tests yield immediate results. Venous blood draws are sent to a laboratory for testing.

  • Do you have a CLIA-Waived laboratory license?

Yes, as a federally licensed CLIA-Waived laboratory, we can provide point of care testing.  We also maintain State laboratory licenses and permist to operate in all US States.

  • Are you authorized to perform screenings in all 50 states?

Yes, we are permitted to perform screenings in all fifty states.  Some states including Maryland, Massachusetts and California require additional permitting prior to scheduling an event.  Our regulatory compliance team secures all necessary permits on behalf of our clients as mandated by each state. 

  • Do you have staff in all 50 states?

Yes, we employ a national network of licensed health care professionals in all 50 states. Unlike others in the industry, we do not subcontract our staff. Our health care employees earn benefits and employee protections to best serve our clients.

  • What are the credentials of your screening staff?

The majority of our screening staff are Registered nurses.  We employ the following health care professionals to perform screenings:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses/Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Certified Health Coaches
  • Medical Technicians

All our screening staff must pass a background check prior to hire and complete a comprehensive training program prior to every event they work. We employee a rating system where staff members are rated based on their performance to ensure quality standards are met. 

  • Do you offer an online appointment scheduling microsite?

US Wellness designs a unique, branded online appointment scheduler for each client with a custom URL for employees to access it.  To view a sample scheduler visit:

  • Do you offer offsite screening services?

We recognize the importance of employee participation for the overall success of the corporate wellness program and therefore offer offsite biometric screening options for remote employees or those unable to attend the scheduled onsite screening.  Offsite options include a laboratory voucher, a home test kit, and a physician form.  We also offer a custom, secure link for employees to submit the results of their offsite biometric screening by their approved physician.

  • How do you maintain employee privacy and adhere to HIPAA guidelines?

US Wellness is committed to protecting the privacy of employees’ individual screening results.  We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure employees’ health data remains confidential during and after each event.  Our staff are licensed health care professionals trained on HIPAA protocols.  Care is taken at each event to not disclose patient health information verbally to the participant or any other individual.  Screening stations are set up to ensure privacy.         

  • Do you include health coaching as part of your onsite screening services?

Yes. Our team of certified health coaches inform employees of any measurements that are outside of normal ranges and offer recommendations, education, and coaching to help lower their risk.

  • How do you report to the employer group on the results of the screenings?

US Wellness provides aggregate, de-identified data on the overall health of their employee population.  We also share employee participation and engagement statistics and incentive tracking to help evaluate the success of the corporate wellness program.