Health Coaching

US Wellness takes wellness coaching beyond typical health goal setting and coaching appointments.

We believe that having access to a trusted and comforting health care provider is essential to wellbeing.

Coaching may be focused on general wellbeing or specific to disease support, healthcare navigation, return to work clearance after leave and illness and goal-based coaching such as weight loss or smoking cessation.  

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Our coaching draws on principles from positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, motivational interviewing, and goal setting. Coaches promote and facilitate the growth, healing, and wellbeing of the whole person.

Our coaching is based on a person-first approach, focusing on choice, trust, and rapport to foster meaningful change and dynamic conversations and goals that evolve with progress and changing needs.

Coaches must meet minimum educational, experience, and credentialing qualifications specific to their area of expertise. In addition, we integrate behavioral health services throughout our offerings. Our health coaches are qualified to address many behavioral health issues including the following general areas: anxiety, depression, and stress.  

The result of our highly individualized approach to meeting participants’ clinical needs and personal circumstances is lasting behavior change accompanied by a shift in mindset, higher self-esteem, and focus on quality of life rather than temporary support. US Wellness’ coaching is designed to support self-improvement, progress toward reducing risk factors and personal wellness goal setting.