Twenty-five years ago, we had a simple idea:  help people be happier, healthier, and live more productive lives.

Our approach? Be a good partner, do good work, and be flexible.

The result?  Higher levels of engagement and satisfaction and ease of use leading to measurable engagement.

Our team is an extension of your team. We take the administrative burden off your shoulders and empower your people to change their lives, for good.

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The first step? Understanding your population, your budget, and your wellness experience to date. Our cornerstone services - biometric screenings, wellbeing assessment, coaching, cancer risk testing and online wellness portal solution - give you a comprehensive view of your organization’s overall wellness while giving individuals an opportunity to take a deeper dive into their physical and mental health. Choose one service or choose them all. Programs are designed to fit your budget.


Put it into practice. Your US Wellness team takes these insights and analytics into account to create a custom, strategic wellbeing program for you tailored to the unique needs of your population. We implement a program for lasting engagement and follow it up with responsiveness and trust in your account team.


Now the best part … Change. Our precision wellness program will help close the gap health and wellbeing of your employees. Through specialized testing and disease management coaching, your employees will have the support they need to make meaningful changes that will have a lasting impact on their lives and help you reduce healthcare costs.


Prove it, you say? Our analytics produce measurable trends and a lasting impact of your investment. You’ll gain a baseline understanding of your population’s health profile and see the impact of sustainable improvements. We analyze the impact on productivity, absenteeism and chronic disease including cancer.

97% Client Retention

22 years- longest client relationship