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Wellness Challenges

  • Healthcare costs continue to increase for both employees and covered spouses
  • NIBCO chose to invest in wellness with the goal of keeping medical plan premium increases at a minimum for its Associates by offering ways to be healthier
  • 2018 wellness included expanded options for alternative activities and more ways to earn the reward
  • NIBCO’s 2019 wellness program focuses on overall well-being, offering alternative activities geared toward financial wellness, social well-being, physical fitness and good eating habits

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Wellness Outcomes

  • NIBCO’s wellness portal launched in 2017 with 35% engagement in the first month. By the end of 2017, 81% of all eligible were actively using the wellness portal (active = login within past 90 days)
  • Engagement remained 60%-80% throughout 2018
  • 56% of eligible earned their Wellness Rate in year one

Reduced Risk

  • NIBCO experienced a significant risk in Metabolic Syndrome risk factors among the cohort group participating in wellness programming for one year or more

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NIBCO, a recognized manufacturer and brand leader of valves, fittings and flow-control products, operates ten manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Mexico and Poland.

Wellness Services Used

  • Screenings in 2016 drove programs for the 2017 wellness portal launch
  • 2017 wellness launch included a personal health assessment, screening and alternate activities online for employees and spouses that did not meet the biometrics outcomes goals
  • Associates and spouses who meet goals and earn 300 wellness points enjoy a significant discount on the medical premium