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Keeping employees connected safely during COVID-19

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In-Office Support for Employees

Many companies, particularly in critical manufacturing and food services, cannot shift all employees to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Further, as more companies move to a hybrid work from home and in office structure, new policies may be needed to keep employees connected to the team and keep the team safe.  This will help reduce stress and improve peace of mind for employees. Employers can adopt some of the following practices:

Remote Support for Employees

For employers who have remote employees, enhancing communication and providing continued support will be valuable. Here are some tips: (1)

  • Ensure direct IT support is available for remote workers. 
  • Provide technology or hardware to manage meetings remotely. 
  • Create a scheduled check-in time with your employees 
  • Face to face virtual meetings to continue socialization 
  • For a full check list, check out this additional resource

Employee Communication

Employers should provide clear communication on the impact of COVID-19, what their plans are to safely continue operating, obstacles and how they plan to overcome them. Open communication will help employees envision a clear picture of the company’s goals, how to manage expectations, and create a path to success. Here are some tools employers can use to achieve this:

  • Reports – Provide progress updates to your employees
  • Virtual Meetings to voice company concerns & to answer questions
  • Virtual happy hours and events 

Employee Mental Health

With the uncertainty and risks associated with COVID-19, employees need more mental health support to help manage stress.  To combat this issue, consider some of the following suggestions:

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